BRussells Tribunal April 14-17 2004

Overview of the Session


Original Direction committee  (until April 20, 2004):

Lieven De Cauter (philosopher, K.U. Leuven / Rits)
Patrick Deboosere (demographer, VUB)
Annick De Ville (director of Les Halles de Schaerbeek) (+) *
Guido Minne (director of the Beursschouwburg)


General information and contact (until April 20, 2004):

Hana Al Bayaty
Ma´wenn Furic
Sarah Darmon
Eva Verraes

Fabienne Aucant (Les Halles de Schaerbeek)
BRussells Tribunal c/o Beursschouwburg
Rue A. Orts - A. Ortsstraat 20-28
02/ 550 03 50


* A tribute to Annick de Ville ( + )


Annick de Ville, director of the cultural venue 'Halles de Schaerbeek' in Brussels, died 17 february 2006. Together with Guido Minne, director of the Beursschouwburg, she sat around the table in the very first meeting concerning the idea of a ‘BRussells Tribunal’ (March 28 2003).  Both of them proposed to host the tribunal. Without this generous offer the BRussells Tribunal would have been a difficult enterprise. She was a very loyal guide and sparring partner in the process. In fact she was part of the steering group (together with Guido Minne, Patrick Deboosere and Lieven De Cauter) till the session of the Brussels tribunal in April 2004. We thank her for her trust in this adventure and pay her tribute for her commitment. We regret her early death.  We will remember her critical spirit, her sense of humour and her perseverance.