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The Executive  Committee of the BRussells Tribunal:


Honorary members of the BRussells Tribunal: 



The Advisory Committee of the BRussells Tribunal:


  • Muhamad Tareq Al-Deraji (Director of Monitoring net of human rights in Iraq - Executive Director of Studies Center of human rights and Democracy in Fallujah)

  • Wadood Fawzi (Iraqi Human Rights center - Iraq)

  • Abdul Wahab Al Obeidi (Freedom Voice Society for Human Rights - Baghdad / Iraq)

  • Dr. Salam T. Ismael (General secretary of Doctors For Iraq Society - Iraq)

  • Dr. Zuhair Al-Sharook (former president of Mosul University)

  • Dr. Riadh Al-Dabbagh (former president of Al-Mustansiriya University)

  • Hana Ibrahim (Writer and Journalist, Chair of Women's Will Association - Iraq)

  • Eman Ahmed Khammas (Former co-director of Occupation Watch - Journalist - translator - Iraq / Spain)

  • Nermeen Al-Mufti (Former co-director of Occupation Watch  - Journalist - Iraq)

  • Mohammed Aref  (Science writer - Iraq / UK)

  • Dr. Imad Khadduri (Nuclear scientist - Iraq / Canada)

  • Malak Hamdan (British Iraqi researcher - Iraq / UK)

  • Dr. Omar K. Al-Kubaissi (Cardiologist - Iraq / Jordan)

  • Dr. Basim Al-Janabi (Professor Political Science of Baghdad University - Iraq / Jordan)

  • Tareq Y. Ismael (Author, Professor Political Science Univ. Calgary, President International Center for Contemporary Middle Eastern Studies, Secretary General International Association of Middle Eastern Studies - Canada / Iraq)

  • Dr. Faleh H.M. Al Khayat (Oil expert - Iraq / Jordan)

  • Dr. Sawsan Al-Assaf (Lecturer in Political Science, Uni of Baghdad, founding member of the International Committee for Solidarity with Iraqi Academics - UK / Iraq)

  • Prof. Ahmad Kamal (President of the Association of University Lecturers - Iraq)

  • Tareq Aldelaimi (writer and political activist- Iraq)

  • Fadhil Al Bedrani (Professor journalism - Iraq)

  • Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar (Engineer - Sweden/Iraq)

  • Salam Al Jubourie (Free lance Journalist - Iraq)

  • Dr. Ismail Kaidar Jalili (Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Chair and Secretary General of National Association of British Arabs (NABA) Past President of Iraqi Medical Association UK  and of the British Arab Medical Association and existing Executive Council Member of the latter - Iraq / UK)

  • Sami Ramadani (Senior lecturer in sociology at London Metropolitan University - Iraq / UK)

  • Mundher Al-Adhami (Research Fellow at Kings College London - Iraq / UK)

  • Dr. Dahlia Wasfi (MD, US based renowned speaker and activist - Iraq / USA)

  • Laith Al Saud (journalist, college lecturer in social sciences - Iraq / USA)

  • Amir Al Ani (Sociologist - Iraq / France)

  • Saeed Al Musawi (Former permanent Iraqi representative with the United Nations - Cairo / Iraq)

  • Khalid Al Maaini (President of Iraqi Center for Strategic Studies - Damascus / Iraq)

  • Dr. Hashim Al-Tawil (Professor of Art History at Henry Ford Community College, Michigan, USA)

  • Naji Sabri Ahmad Al-Hadithi (former professor of English literature at Baghdad University, former Foreign Minister of Iraq)

  • Rashad Salim (Visual Artist, cultural activist/researcher and writer - International Network For Contemporary Iraqi Artists - Iraq / UK)

  • Amal Al-Khedairy (Expert on Iraqi History, Culture, Archeology Arts and Crafts - Iraq)

  • Ghali Hassan (Independent writer living in Syndey, Australia)

  • Dr Fouad Elhage (Editor in Chief, Al-Moharer - Iraq / Australia)

  • Sami Rasouli (Muslim Peacemaker Teams - Najaf, Iraq / USA)


  • Denis Halliday (Former UN Assistant Secretary General & United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq 1997-98, recepient of the 2003 Gandhi International Peace Award  - Ireland)

  • Hans von Sponeck (Former UN Assistant Secretary General & United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq 1998-2000 - Germany)

  • Margarita Papandreou (Former First Lady of Greece, Peace activist and honorary president of Center for Research and Action on Peace  - Greece)

  • Cynthia McKinney (Former member of the House of Representatives for the 4th District of Georgia,  Green Party US Presidential Candidate 2008, www.runcynthiarun.org - USA)

  • Socorro Gomes (Chairwoman of WPC - World Peace Council and of Cebrapaz - Brazilian Center of Solidarity with Peoples and Struggle for Peace)


  • Michael Parenti (Author - USA)

  • Howard Zinn (Professor, writer, educator, and leader in nonviolent social protest - USA) + 27 January 2010

  • Samir Amin (Author, director of the Third World Forum in Dakar - Senegal / Egypt)

  • James Petras (Author, Bartle Professor (Emeritus) of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York)

  • John Pilger (Author, journalist and documentary film-maker - Australia / UK)

  • Edward S. Herman (Professor Emeritus of Finance, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania - USA)

  • William Blum (Writer - USA)

  • Santiago Alba Rico (writer, philosopher, member of www.rebelion.org, Spain – Tunisia)




  • Prof. Immanuel Wallerstein (Senior Research Scholar, Yale University, USA)

  • Jim Harding (Dr., Past Director and retired Professor, School of Human Justice, University of Regina, Canada)

  • Thomas M. Fasy (MD PhD, Clinical Associate Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine - USA)

  • Stephen Eric Bronner (Director of Global Relations at the Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights, Professor of political science, Rutgers University - USA)

  • James E. Jennings, PH.D. (President , Conscience International, Inc., a humanitarian aid and human rights organization working primarily in the Middle East; and Executive Director, US Academics, a group of university professors dedicated to dialogue among civilizations - USA)

  • Dennis Brutus (Professor emeritus dept. of africana studies univ. of pittsburgh - USA) + Kaapstad 29/12/2009

  • John Saxe-Fernández (Professor of political science, National Autonomous University - México)

  • Stephen Soldz (Director, Center for Research, Evaluation, and Program Development Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalysts for Peace and Justice - USA)

  • Gideon Polya (retired senior biochemist, author: biochemical scientific publications and global avoidable mortality - Australia)  





Selected writings of some members of the BRussells Tribunal


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